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Sponsored Residential Services

Becoming a sponsored residential provider with Sunny Haven Residential Services is a rewarding process that follows the guidelines and requirements set by the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS), Medicaid Enterprise System (MES), and Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS).

Getting Started as a Sponsored Residential Provider with Sunny Haven Residential Services

If you are interested in becoming a sponsored residential provider with Sunny Haven Residential Services, here is a concise guide to help you understand the initial steps and what to expect:

1. Initial Inquiry

  • Contact Sunny Haven Residential Services: Start by reaching out to Sunny Haven to express your interest in becoming a sponsored residential provider. They will provide you with detailed information and an application form.

2. Application Process

  • Submit Application: Fill out the initial application form provided by Sunny Haven. This form will gather basic information about you and your household.

  • Background Checks: All adult household members must complete and pass criminal background checks and Child Protective Services (CPS) checks.

3. Home Requirements

  • Home Inspection: Prepare your home for an inspection. Sunny Haven will assess your home for safety, space, cleanliness, and accessibility standards.

  • Health Screenings: Ensure that all household members have up-to-date health screenings and immunizations, including tuberculosis.

4. Training and Certification

  • Pre-Service Training: Participate in mandatory pre-service training sessions provided by Sunny Haven. Training will cover essential topics such as person-centered planning, medication administration, and crisis intervention.

  • Certifications: Obtain necessary certifications like CPR and First Aid.

5. Assessment and Approval

  • Home Study Assessment: Sunny Haven will conduct a comprehensive home study. This includes interviews with household members, a detailed home inspection, and an evaluation of your capacity to provide care.

  • Review and Approval: Your application and home study report will be reviewed. If you meet all requirements, you will be approved as a sponsored residential provider.

What to Expect

During the Process

  • Detailed Assessment: Expect a thorough evaluation of your home environment and personal readiness to provide care.

  • Training Commitment: Be prepared to commit time to complete the required training and obtain necessary certifications.

After Approval

  • Licensing: You will receive a license to operate as a sponsored residential provider under Sunny Haven Residential Services.

  • Ongoing Support: Sunny Haven will provide ongoing support, including regular monitoring visits, additional training opportunities, and resources to help you succeed.

  • Community Integration: You will be expected to provide a home environment that promotes community integration and individual choice for the individuals you support.

By following these initial steps and understanding what to expect, you can start your journey towards becoming a sponsored residential provider with Sunny Haven Residential Services.

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